May 6, 2021 – Marc Mantha

Marina is one of those rare people who always questions what she knows with an open mind to continually learn. By doing this, her knowledge evolves and so does her healing intuition. I have been blessed to know her and would recommend Marina to anyone who is ready to return to the natural world of healing.

Best regards,

Marc Mantha


May 6, 2021 – Edward Goldberg

I have been seeing Marina Andrawos for quite a number months now. My experience with her has been extremely positive. I find that she conducts a very thorough interview and considers my individual needs. She is extremely knowledgeable, and I appreciate her attention to natural techniques and vitamins. So far, her treatments have been very helpful and I feel confident that my conditions will continue to improve and be remedied under her guidance and experience. Her pricing is also very reasonable which enables me to follow through with her recommendations.

I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone requiring any type of help.

Eddy G.


March 10, 2021 by J. Morgan teacher

J Morgan teacher

When I consulted with Marina, I had serious issues with my iron absorption and low neutrophil levels, as well as my immune system was constantly low. The medical professionals and specialists had neither explanations nor answers for this problem.

I contacted Marina after attending one of her touring sessions at Nature’s Emporium. Marina was very thorough in her analysis and recognized the imbalance that could be causing my symptoms.  She started me on a treatment plan of first getting rid of the problem, then we worked on ways to strengthen and sustain the body.

I now have higher neutrophil levels and I no longer have bloating or food absorption issues. Marina’s plan has made me re-think my dietary choices and I still follow her meal plan ideas even today.

Working with Marina has been a great experience and I am really grateful for the improvement in my overall general health because of her assistance.

Thanks again Marina for all your help.

J Moran – Teacher


March 1, 2021 by Rachna Anand

I am thankful for having met Marina, who has advanced my knowledge of better eating and living.  Over the course of the last five years, Marina has been our go-to person with her extensive insight, education and solutions for our family’s health concerns.

Marina offers genuine advice, is easy to talk to, unpretentious and is always passionate about helping with any well being issues we lay on her.

Her intake is comprehensive, her plan is personalized to your individual needs and lifestyle with a dedicated follow up.

When my tween son was facing severe anxiety issues, we connected with Marina for a reiki session, and were delightfully pleased with the outcome.  Our son felt extremely positive after the session and asked if he can go back should he feel overwhelmed again !!!

We highly recommend Marina to anyone looking for holistic nutritional support, Reiki or intuitive energy support.

Rachna Anand


Your health better than ever

Mar 18, 2015 by Victoria Tordecillas

I’ve met Marina while trying to help my mother with what it seemed at the time, and it was confirmed later, as uterine cancer. It was meant to be for us to meet Marina. Not only was she a two time cancer survivor herself, but she also was and is a great human being. There was a connection right away and I knew my mother would be in very good hands. She helped her before and after surgery (my mom had a full hysterectomy done where stage 2 cancer was removed along with ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus, and cervix). It’s been over 7 months since my mother started seeing Marina and we will be having a post surgery check-up next month to see how my mom is doing and if there’s any sign of cancer. I pray and trust it will be gone.

What I can see so far, is that since my mom committed to changing her eating habits and is taking her supplements regularly, not only is she feeling very good, but almost all of her old and new health problems have disappeared, and my mom had quite a lot of health issues! She’s feeling better than ever and won’t ever go back to her old eating habits. Not only has Marina taken care of us as a holistic nutritionist, she has provided a complete care of the body, mind, and spirit, and whenever I’ve had requested her expertise, she’s been there for us right away.

Our health issues are not the result of one thing, they are a result of many things not working properly and that’s what Marina does, she addresses your whole self, your whole system in order to help the current “issues”.

Thank you very much Marina.

You are not only our holistic nutritionist, you’ve become somebody we trust, you are a friend.


Empowering me with the tools I needed to succeed!

Nov 29, 2013 by Thomas Douglas

I consider myself fortunate to have Marina in my life! In a city seemingly full of narrow-mindedness and self serving people, Marina stands out as a beacon of strength, support, compassion, and integrity. It becomes evident early on in the consultation process that Marina is truly dedicated to her task as you come to realize she has created a place in her own heart for you and your well-being. It was quickly apparent that Marina was living the highs and lows with me as I went through the process of feeling better. She was always my biggest supporter! Even at times when I was feeling disillusioned, or overwhelmed, there would always seem to be a timely email, or phone call of support to help nudge me back on the path to success.

To that end, Id like to make a point to those who may be nervous, or on the fence about the process of living a holistic lifestyle: Always remember at ALL times, you WILL see the positive changes occur to your health if you stay on track. There will be high highs, and there will be tough lows, but if you are honest with Marina about how you are feeling she will always be there to help ensure that your healing process is as easy as possible. I cant count the times where Marina helped me to curb the rough edges of the detox process for me. All I had to do was be honest with her.

I must apologize for this next statement sounding over the top, but for my mind, its the way it is and needs to be said: In a world full of people stepping on and over each other to be the first in line to sell you foods, products, and other CRAP, whose contents will take the core of health away from you and leave you feeling weak or down, I urge you to take back your health. Spend some of your time with Marina and let her empower you with the knowledge to make healthier choices!!

The more you educate yourself about Marina and her practices, the more you will see for yourself how much of a positive influence she can have on your life!

Thank you Marina for all that you have done for mine,

Love Thomas


Opened my eyes to positive changes

Jul 30, 2013 by Lisa Lucas

I hardly knew much about what clean eating and healthy foods were until I met with Marina. She was a great help in determining factors I never knew existed about my own health. She educated me and helped me to lose fat and I learned ways on how to keep it off through her.

After so many attempts to trying to eat right regularly, I just couldn’t do it on my own and Marina exposed me to foods I never knew existed. I am so thankful for all her help and all that she has done to help me change my life positively. She has motivated me to pursue a career in the health industry and I couldn’t have gone this far without her.

Thank you Marina!!!!


Great gateway to healthy eating

Jul 30, 2013 by Olena

I have had two in person sessions with Marina and we exchanged numerous emails since that time when we ran into each other at the Green Living Show. I have known Marina from dragonboating and was very happy to learn that she started studying holistic nutrition as this subject was very important to me. I was already trying to eat as healthy as I could, and was striving to learn more, especially being pregnant at the time.

During our sessions and through emails she taught me a great deal on how to improve my diet, it was eye opening as well. As a result I have changed a lot in my way of eating for the better. I would recommend her in a second! She is very friendly, approachable, knowledgeable and supportive.

I hope to continue seeing her as a holistic nutrition practitioner and a friend.